The Super Nintendo

SNES consoleFor many the SNES, ed or to give it it’s full title the Super Nintendo Entertainment System was their first experience of console gaming. Launched in the early nineties it built on the previous success of Nintendo’s first ever games console, the NES which was the best selling games console of the mid to late eighties.

The nineties was an exiting time for gamers, a few months before the launch of the SNES, Sega had released the Mega Drive. Both consoles had similar specifications and shared many of the same titles leading to one of the biggest console wars in gaming history.

Although the SNES had a massive library of excellent games there are a number of titles that stand out -

Super Mario World - one of the first games available at the launch of the SNES, it took the already infamous Mario and added bigger and better levels, and thanks to the improved graphics power of the SNES the little Italian plumber had never looked better!

The Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past - A fantastic role playing adventure with a good storyline, atmospheric music and a huge world to explore.

Street Fighter II - Already a popular coin operated arcade game, this fighting game was ported to the SNES with it’s high quality graphics and gameplay intact.

Starwing - Thanks to a new onboard chip (on the cartridge) called the Super FX this was one of the first 3D SNES games. The game featured a motley crew of animals including a rabbit and a fox in spaceships fighting against evil forces.

Donkey Kong Country - This platformer really showed off the graphics power of the SNES, it featured models and textures that were pre-rendered on SGI workstations.

Although you can play SNES games using emulators nothing beats the real thing!

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